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Legal area

Administrative law
  • Patrimonial responsibility of the administration

  • Technical administrative procedures

  • Sanctioning procedures

  • Data protection and security audits

  • Contentious-Administrative Procedures

  • Urban Law

Criminal Law
  • Economic crimes
  • Traffic offenses
  • General criminal law, including violent crimes
Labour Law
  • Contract / Termination of contracts

  • Procedures of Disabilities and leaves dues to illnes

  • Labour sanctions and labour conflicts

  • Labour Risks prevention

  • Claims for unpaid bills and layoffs

  • Exigibility of Collective Agreements

Civil law
  • Patrimonial Law

  • Contracts

  • Management of Real Estate purchasing

  • Landlord and Tenant’s Law

  • Successions

  • Disability statements

  • Family Law

Consumer's Law
  • Defective products and damage claims

  • Poor service claims

  • Claims for delays in airlines

  • Breaches of contractual conditions

  • Mortage unfair terms litigation